What sparked my desire to delve into transformational education?

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Do you also believe that students should feel calm, focused and empowered in your classes?

If your answer isYES, then you´ve come to the right website.  Check out my Free Printables page where you can find a wide range of inspiring and mindful resources.

Six years ago I was working at EF International in Eastbourne, where I was privileged to teach students from all over the world. I will never forget one of them, a lovely 17-year-old girl from Kazakhstan, who was feeling quite insecure and had very low self-esteem.

Fortunately, during the three-month period, I was her English teacher, I was able to see her blossom and turn into a more confident teenager. When leaving, she asked me to write something on a T-shirt. Of course, I knew straight away what I should put down, something that I teach my students all the time and what permeates every lesson of mine.

“Never forget that you are unique!”

When the girl saw the statement, she hugged me and with tears in her eyes expressed her gratitude. Every fibre in my body told me that she was ready to start a NEW PAGE in her life and I had helped her to embark on this journey.


Who am I?

My name is Marusya Price. I am an English teacher, writer, resource creator,  Mindfulness Life Coach and Meditation Instructor.

I believe that every student carries something authentic that is waiting to be recognised and the role of a teacher is to help release it.

I feel passionate about Applied Positive Psychology and  Mindfulness and how they could be used by educators to empower their students.

The lesson plans and visualizations that I create explore topics such as happiness, mindfulness, motivation, and compassion, to name but a few.

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Yan Lu, Parent

My wife and I are very happy with all the topics you select for MoMo. MoMo also told me he learned a lot from you,  especially the attitude of always being happy and positive.

Megan Sun, Parent

Thank you for all good things you have done for Kai to help him overcome his fear. He had IELTS speaking test today. He seems very calm and feels good.  Obviously, the exercise you practices with him works! 

5 random facts about me

1. One of the things that “lights me up” is dancing.  
2. A successful lesson for me is when I see I’ve touched my student’s heart.
3. I believe there’s nothing more soothing than the sound of lapping waves. 
4. I lived in Spain for four years but unfortunately, Spanish is not what I excel at.
5. I like taking up new hobbies. After challenging myself with knitting two years ago, I have knitted two baby blankets and seven scarves. It’s high time I learned to knit something else. What do you reckon?


I really believe that my role as an educator is to touch my students’ heart and empower them. For the last six years, I have created a lot of teaching materials but what really stirs my soul is designing lesson plans which aim to empower my students. Yes, I am an English teacher but I tend to use the language to inspire my pupils to become a better version of themselves.

My book 10 Empowering Lesson Plans comprises lessons on topics such as Mindfulness, Happiness, Authenticity, Kindness, Inspiration, Gratitude and Positivity. They are appropriate for students whose level is B1 + and are older than 14 years of age. I have used these lesson plans with all my students and have seen many positive changes in their behaviour and mindset.