10 Empowering Lesson Plans

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I really believe that my role as an educator is to touch my students’ heart and empower them. For the last six years, I have created a lot of teaching materials but what really stirs my soul is designing lesson plans which aim to empower my students. Yes, I am an English teacher but I tend to use the language to inspire my pupils to become a better version of themselves. This book comprises lessons on topics such as Mindfulness, Happiness, Authenticity, Kindness, Inspiration, Gratitude and Positivity. They are appropriate for students whose level is B1 + and are older than 14 years of age. I have used these lesson plans with all my students and have seen many positive changes in their behaviour and mindset.

The book includes the following lesson plans:
1. It is Achievable
2. Shine your Light
3. Stop Chasing Happiness
4. Acts of Random Kindness
5. The Black Dot
6. The Power of Words
7. The Wonders of Water
8. Who am I?
9. Try Everything
10. Being Authentic

Take a peek at some of the lessons here:

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