101 activities to teach English mindfully

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The book "101 activities to teach English mindfully" includes my students' favourite mindful exercises divided in the following sections:

*Mindful Breathing
*Wake up the Senses
*Expressing Gratitude
*The Power of Kindness
*The Power of Positivity
*Reading Activities
*Creative Activities

The publication is suitable for all English/EFL teachers who are eager to introduce mindfulness in their classes. I have also described the principles of mindfulness and why they are beneficial for our students. So even if you are not familiar with mindful teaching, you are covered. The activities are fun, engaging and are appropriate for both traditional and online lessons.

In order for this book to be beneficial to you at its best, I have included a few personal stories as well as links to other resources which could be used as follow-up exercises. In addition, you will find eight extra worksheets which you will need for some of the activities. And I have a special treat for you. I have decided to share five of my students’ favourite mindful lesson plans.

"101 activities to teach English mindfully" is dedicated to all my students who showed me their vulnerability, anxiety and emotional pain. I'm truly grateful to them for allowing me to use my meditations, visualisations and other mindful techniques in our lessons. Their positive feedback as well as being able to witness their inner light shine brightly have inspired me to learn and grow as a mindful English teacher and create empowering resources.

When you purchase the book, you'll have access to all the meditations and visualisations which are featured in the book. Their total value is £140.

The book will be available as paperback and Kindle edition on Amazon again soon. Please, chrck for updates.

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