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Happy International Day of Happiness

Students often ask me what makes me happy and I have to admit that my happiness comes from the fact that I am loved, blessed and fulfilled. But if you have not found your happiness why don´t you try out William Ward´s tips:

Sing a new song; dance a new step; take a new path. Think a new thought; accept a new responsibility; memorize a new poem. Try a new recipe; plan a new adventure; entertain a new idea. Learn a new language; blaze a new trail; enjoy a new experience. Make a new fiend; read a new book; see a new movie. Climb a new hill; scale a new mountain; launch a new career. Find a new purpose; fill a new need; light a new lamp. Exercise a new strength; grasp a new truth; practice a new awareness. Add a new dimension; encourage a new growth; affirm a new beginning. Discover a new answer; envision a new image; conceive a new system. Dream a new dream; chart a new course; build a new life. Open a new door; explore a new possibility; capture a new vision. Start a new chapter; seek a new challenge; express a new confidence. Write a new plan; turn a new page; follow a new direction. Watch a new program; be a new person; radiate a new enthusiasm

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