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Postman Pat and the Train Inspector

And here´s another lesson plan for young learners based on the great cartoon "Postman Pat". The episode is called: Postman Pat and the Train Inspector.

Here´s the lesson plan:

1. Pre-watching activity

Ask the students if they know what a Train Inspector does. What could go wrong at a train station?Brainstorm different ideas.

2. Tell them that they are going to watch an episode of "Postman Pat" and give them the exercise. Explain that they need to decide if the statements are TRUE or FALSE while watching the video. Clarify any unfamiliar vocabulary.


  1. Postman Pat has to deliver an important letter to the school.

  2. A Train inspector is coming to the station tomorrow afternoon.

  3. Sarah suggests going to the station and tidying up there.

  4. The teacher is planning a school trip.

  5. The Reverend is planting some spring crocuses.

  6. The flowers will help brighten up the station.

  7. Postman Pat has the spare part for the Rocket.

  8. The platform needs washing down and sweeping.

  9. All the windows need repainting.

  10. The Train Inspector is impressed with the train.

  11. Key- True: 3, 6, 8, 10

Here´s a link to the video:

3. Check the exercise and ask the students to correct the FALSE statements.

4. Ask the learners if they remember what needs doing at the train station before the Inspector arrives. After checking out their ideas , play the video 10:24-10:34 and ask them to write the examples:

1. The platform needs washing down and sweeping.

2. The signs on the door need polishing.

3. The benches need repainting.

4. All the windows need cleaning.

Then explain how the construction: something needs + Verb+ing is used. Ask the students to look around the classroom and make up their own examples.

5. If you have time, you can also review and practise the Present Continuous tense. Play the video from 12:20-13:25 and tell the students to write down sentences about what the Train Inspector is doing. Or you could pause after each action and form a sentence.

For homework you can assign any of the following suggestions:

1- Write down a dialogue between Postman Pat and one of the characters in the video.

2. Draw your favourite scene in the video and write what is happening.

Enjoy the lesson with your students.

Best wishes,

teacher Russie

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