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A video lesson for young learners

Here´s another video lesson based around the cartoon Postman Pat. I have been told that your students love it. Mine definitely look forward to every new episode. This episode is called “Postman Pat and the Crazy Crockery”. It´s suitable for a lesson when you talk about “Food” with your students.

  1. Introduce the title of the episode and pre-teach the following vocabulary from the video:

Bubble wrap, crockery, spoil your appetite, fragile load, Yorkshire pudding, speed bump

Ask the students to predict what the episode is about.

2. Hand out the questions and make sure your pupils understand them.

  1. Why can´t Pat have a biscuit with his tea?

  2. Why does Ben call Postman Pat?

  3. Why does Pat have to drive carefully?

  4. Where does chilli con carne come from?

  5. What do you need to make Yorkshire pudding?

  6. What does Pat need to watch out for?

  7. What sounds great?

  8. Why does Sarah feel guilty?

  9. What is accomplished at the end of the episode?

Here´s a link to the video.

3. After you play the video ask the students to work together and compare their answers. Then check the exercise with the whole class.

4. As a follow up activity discuss with the students what they would cook for a “Restaurant night” at school. It´s a great opportunity for you to introduce some British dishes, such as Yorkshire pudding, mentioned in the video. If you want, you can teach them how to make it. Here´s a link to Jamie Oliver´s recipe that I always use when I make it:

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Thank you,

Teacher Russie

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