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Postman Pat´s flying post

Dear inspiring teacher,

it is time for another adventure with Postman Pat and his black and white cat. The title of the episode is: Postman Pat´s flying post. Here´s the lesson plan:

  1. Write the title of the episode on the board and show the pictures to your students. Tell them that the pictures are not in the correct order. Ask your students to work in small groups and try to order them. Then check their ideas.











2. Play the video and ask the students to check what the correct order of the pictures is. Clarify some of the key vocabulary in the video.

Key: a-3, b-6, c-8, d-1, e-7, f-10, g-2, h-4, i-9, j-5

3. As a follow-up activity, you can play the Chain game:

If you are teaching a large class, split the students up into small groups of about five or six students. Ask the students to sit in a circle. Student 1 has to recall some information about the video. Student 2 then repeats that information and adds something new. Then student 3 repeats both pieces of information and adds their own. This process continues until the group retells the whole story.

4. For homework you can ask the students to write a dialogue with some of the key vocabulary from the video:

Invention, parcel, ladder, modelling set

Enjoy the lesson!

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Thank you,

Teacher Russie

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