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Dear reader,

What an exciting week we had over here in England-celebrating the Queen´s 90th birthday and St George´s Day. On 23rd of April the local celebrations kicked off with a parade organised by the scouts´clubs, followed by a "fierce" battle between St George and the dragon. You know who won, don´t you? Last week I shared with you that legend. In the end there were parachutists who were carrying the English flag. You can find some pictures from the event on page 3. Last week we marked Queen Elizabeth II´s 90th birthday. Hundreds of beacons were lit across the country. You can read more information about it on pages 4 and 5. In addition, you can have a listen to the local Mayor who talks about the aforementioned events in the radio podcast on page 11. Oh, I almost forgot I enjoyed a special performance on Sunday. I am going to tell you more about it next week in the "Quintessentially English " feature. There is a clue for you in the Photo Quiz on page 18.

From Russie with love

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