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Postman Pat and the Runaway Train

Hi inspiring teachers,

Did your students have fun with last week´s episode of “Postman Pat”? A few of you got back to me with some great feedback. I am really pleased that the videos are getting more and more popular.

Here´s the new video lesson plan:

  1. Start with the theme song. You can find the lyrics and the song here:!Postman-Pat-and-the-Surprise-Present/msb22/570cb6700cf20ee5e3c11495

2. Tell the students that the new episode is called “ Postman Pat and the Runaway Train”. Ask them to think why the train may have run away.

3. Give them the handout and go through the questions to clarify any unfamiliar vocabulary. Here´s the exercise:

  1. Where is Julian going today?

  2. What is Dorothy knitting?

  3. How can the Reverend stop the train?

  4. Who goes to the vet regularly?

  5. What is very expensive?

  6. What did the Reverend push too far?

  7. What´s Pat´s idea?

  8. What was much more exciting than the film?

Key: 1-to the cinema, 2-a sweater, 3- He has to put the control lever half way, 4-Bony the cat, 5- the vet, 6- the lever, 7- to come aboard, 8- the train journey, 9- the Reverend

Here´s the video:

As a follow up activity you could ask the students to work in groups to come up with a different ending to the story. Tell them that it will be a competition for the best script. Walk around the classroom and help out with some key vocabulary and grammar. When everyone has finished, ask the students to read out their scripts. In the end they should vote for their favourite ending. Obviously, they can’t vote for their own.

Enjoy the lesson!

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Thank you,

Teacher Russie

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