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It´s Star Wars Day

May 4th has become commonly known as Star Wars Day. And who could be surprised? The words, “May the 4th” seem to beg the rest of the catchphrase be uttered. Regardless of whether you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek, or if are even a sci-fi aficionado at all, the influence of George Lucas’ Star Wars on pop culture is undeniable.

Here are some facts on Star Wars…

· It was originally called The Star Wars, but “the” was dropped fairly early on in the creative process.

· Director George Lucas originally had a contract with Fox for $150,000 for writing and directing Star Wars. But he cannily insisted on total control and 40% of merchandising - something the studio agreed to because they had no idea of what a phenomenon Star Wars would become.

· Sir Alec Guinness also made a ton of money from the film having recognised its potential and negotiating a deal for two per cent of all box office takings. He also refused to do any promotional work for the film!!!

· The shape of the Millennium Falcon was based on a hamburger.

· Cinemas in the US were press-ganged into buying the film after few took up the option, with the threat that they wouldn’t get The Other Side of Midnight - a widely-anticipated adaptation of a Sidney Sheldon novel.

· More than 250 million small action figures were shipped in the eight years after the first film, going to countries across the world. In the first year alone 42m were sold.

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