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Postman Pat – Special delivery, A Bouncy Castle.

Hi inspiring teachers,

It´s almost the end of the school year and I guess some of you are getting ready for the ”End of the school year" party. An exciting moment for both teachers and students. The new episode of “Postman Pat" is based around this topic. It is called: Postman Pat – Special delivery, A Bouncy Castle.

Here´s the lesson plan:

  1. As a warm-up activity ask your students to brainstorm different ideas about how they would like to celebrate the end of the school party. Put down their ideas on the board and vote for the best one.

  2. Then pre-teach some of the vocabulary from the episode:

A bouncy castle, a plaster, to squeak, a leaf blower

3. Hand out the worksheet with the exercise and tell the students that these are the main events from the episode. While watching they have to put them in the correct order. Go through the sentences and clarify any unfamiliar vocabulary.

1.Ben doesn´t know what the procedure is for "squeaking moving parcels".

2.The teacher is worried about the Bouncy Castle.

3Pat saves the day by delivering the castle.

4.Pat uses Michael´s plasters to fix the Bouncy Castle.

5.Pat has a parcel for Michael.

6.Pat suggests using the helicopter to deliver the Bouncy Castle.

7.Jess the cat punctures the castle.

8.Ben calls Pat to go to the office for a special delivery.

9.Ben and Pat try to get the air out of the parcel.

10.The teacher calls Ben to find out what is happening with the castle.

Key: 5, 8, 1, 9, 2, 6, 10, 3, 7, 4

Here´s a link to the video:

As a follow-up activity the pupils could work in small groups and design a poster inviting their parents to the “End of the school year" Party. They have to come up with all the details such as: date, time, place, activities, dress code.

Enjoy the lesson!

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Thank you,

Teacher Russie

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