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Postman Pat and the Metal Detector

Hi inspiring teachers,

This week´s video lesson is based on the episode Postman Pat and the Metal Detector.

I tried a new activity with my students and it worked really well so I can´t wait to share it with you. I have to admit that I read about it in a teacher´s newsletter and it originally belongs to Jeremy Harmer. However, I have altered it slightly.

To begin with, write the following words from the episode on the board and clarify their meaning.

Exhibition, fixing machine, metal detector, presenter, pottery, cup of tea, plough, unlocked, whistle, hold tight, granddad, fallen out, job, beautiful, gift, on our way, beeps, watch, pottery, garage, glasses, padlock, memories, keys, market place

Give a word to each student (make sure you have enough words) and then explain to your students that they need to stand up any time they hear their word while watching the video. The activity makes them focus really hard on what they are listening to and be alert. Also kids love being active in class, don´t they?

Here´s a link to the video:

After watching the video, put the students in groups and ask them to retell the story using the vocabulary.

For homework you could ask them to choose 6 words and write a dialogue with them.

Enjoy the lesson!

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Thank you,

Teacher Russie

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