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"Explore English with Russie", issue 18

Dear friends,

“Explore English with Russie”, issue 18 is out. This issue takes you on an "Accent Tour" around the UK and tells you about the most popular accents. Which accent are you struggling with? Are you trying to imitate a certain one? My husband is a radio presenter and one of the things he makes me laugh at is using his variable voice and illustrating the British accents.

I can't deny that I love the "Positive" feel of the magazine. There is a wonderful inspirational story on page 16 about a little girl who doesn’t have any arms but she has won a handwriting contest in America.

It's also important for me to mention the new edition of "Reader's corner". I ran a competition for "The best Script" among my students and you can check out the winning entry on pages 5 and 6. My student Frank has submitted a great story written with a nice sense of humour.

Don't forget the regular features:

If you want to view a FREE copy of the magazine and find out how to subscribe to the magazine, visit:!blank-1/ucagr

From Russie with love

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