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"Explore English with Russie", Issue 20

Hi folks,

I was wondering where the new issue finds you- sunbathing on a lovely beach or hiking in the mountains. With the beginning of the holiday season, I am glad to say that there is some evidence summer is on the way, finally! Apart from lots of sunny spells, we have enjoyed a traditional circus in the beautiful Garden of England. You can have a listen to the interview that two of the circus artists gave for the local radio on page 10. In addition, if you want to brush up on your Circus vocabulary, visit page 8.

People have been asking me what I think about the UK referendum. Personally,I tend to stay away from politics and try to keep the magazine as positive as possible. That's why I feature "The Positive thought" and "The good life". This week on page 3 you will find an uplifting story about an act of random kindness in a UK city.

Finally I would like to inform you that ONLY in July and August "Explore English with Russie", will be issued by-monthly.

If you want to find more details about the subscription to the magazine, visit subscription.

Have a magnificent week!

Teacher Russie

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