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Read, Listen, Learn

Do you often feel stuck what reading materials to use in class or assign for homework? Or you might be a student who wants to improve their reading skills in English? Then today’s post is just for you. While looking for some interesting reading materials, I came across

What immediately grabbed my attention was the variety of Graded Readers at 5 different levels. Not only are the texts quite versatile but a lot of extra features have been added. Apart from reading the text, you can

  • Listen to it,

  • Leave a comment,

  • Get a pdf file,

  • Look up the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary in the Glossary

What I also love about the texts is that there is a topic for everyone - thrillers, crime, drama and non-fiction, to name a few. The founders of the website have tried to make it really user-friendly. Definitions of difficult vocabulary appear in the margin adjacent to the words they describe so you do not need a dictionary.

Other features include Q&A, a blog for teachers on the advantages of extensive reading and listening and ideas on how to teach the stories, and a function (available on request) whereby teachers can monitor which of their students are using the site, what they are reading or listening to and for how long. In addition, soon, there will be an app too for easier use on mobile phones. Last but not least, the Graded Readers are free of charge.

My students love the stories on I find them really useful for assigning projects, homework or just to practise reading and listening. Let me know how you can use them.

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