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In August I ran a special competition WHEN WE SHARE. For those of you who have missed it, the first prize went to Regina Szuszkiewicz from Poland who sent us this wonderful photo.

Regina owns a Language school in Legionowo, Poland and also designs language games successfully used in many classrooms.

Today I am talking to Regina about her inspiring language games, teaching and creativity.

Hi Regina, thank you for agreeing to be my first guest on TEACHERS TALK. Congratulations on winning first prize in the competition WHEN WE SHARE. What made you choose this particular photo?

Thank you so much!! It is a great honour to be your first teacher interviewed. It was an amazing surprise when I found out that you had chosen my photo! When I took this picture, I was having so much fun seeing teens playing this outdoor game . I remember them laughing, enjoying their time and this is what I love whilst teaching.

In the photo above, the students are playing one of the games that you have created. Can you tell us a little bit about these games?

While creating the games I approach the most difficult aspects of language teaching and learning in an unconventional way, based on the idea of learning through play and involvement. ESL students find English grammar, especially tenses very hard to understand . The games make their learning process more attractive and less troublesome. I follow the wise words of the philosopher Confucius:

"I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand."

When students play, they interact and talk. When they talk, they acquire fluency in English with little effort.

How can schools and teachers order a game for their students?

Everybody can enter our online shop at or send us an email with the order to

Our games are also distributed by an English company, called BEBC. We cooperate with the schools that want to be our partners. They get a lot of benefits: discounts, an access to our outdoor games and teachers’ workshops.

Apart from using your wonderful games in class, what other methods do you use to encourage creativity?

Students really love the lessons when they are engaged in the interesting topics and activities. I try to surprise them. Sometimes I bring balloons with tasks inside or just a simple object which provokes my students to ask questions and guess why I brought it.

You run a successful Language school in Poland. What makes it stand out?

Since I started my teaching career, I’ve always cared for my students’ language development. I also keep reminding my teachers: "It is neither the parents nor the students but it is YOU - THE TEACHER, who worries the most whether your students make progress and you need to do your best for them to succeed.”

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