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"Explore English with Russie", Issue 26

Hi folks,

Now when autumn is officially here, we are enjoying the Indian summer- lovely sunny afternoons and even a late afternoon swim in the sea. Blissful.

I was out for a walk a few days ago at the Harbour Arm when I came across a funny-looking sign on a beach hut DOFFEE AND CONUTS. My husband turned to me and exclaimed: Are they having a laugh? Then a light bulb came on: Why don’t you introduce some Everyday English phrases to your readers, Russie?

This is the beach hut that has inspired me. Cute, isn't it? :) You will find the Everyday English phrases on page 3 in the new issue. If you want to subscribe to the magazine "Explore English with Russie", click here. You can still take advantage of our BACK TO SCHOOL offer.

In the new issue you will also find:

- The Good Life,

- Story Time- a Reading comprehension activity,

- 3 pages of EXAM PRACTICE

- Kids' corner

- Vocabulary Corner- Prepositional phrases

- Discussion time- School homework

- and lots of FUN WITH ENGLISH

You can view a FREE copy of the magazine here:

Additionally, today is European Day of Languages.

If you have not decided yet how you are going to mark the occasion with your students, visit There are lots of interesting ideas, such as the Language Trivia.

Finally, in order to mark the European Day of Languages, only today you can get a FREE one- month subscription to "Explore English with Russie".

What you need to do is, subscribe to our mailing list today here and you will receive the brand-new issue 26 and a free subscription to the magazine for October.

From Russie with love,

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