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Happy "World Smile Day"

There are hundreds of languages around the world,

but a smile speaks all of them!

Did you know that:

- Smiling boosts your immune system

- It relieves stress by releasing endorphin

- It is easier to smile than frown

- When we smile, 53 muscles are engaged

- Babies are born with the ability to smile

- There are 19 different types to smile

Can you help at least one person smile today? Here's some ideas how:

- surprise your colleague/friend/teacher with a bar of chocolate

- stick a Post-it Note with a nice message in your classmate's book

- buy a flower for your mum/girlfriend/teacher

- make a nice cake and surprise your neighbour with it

- write a poem about SMILES

I love this poem. Do you have a favourite one?

Keep On Smiling

If at times you feel you want to cry. And life seems such a trial. Above the clouds there's a bright blue sky So make your tears a smile. As you travel on life's way With its many ups and downs Remember it's quite true to say One smile is worth a dozen frowns. Among the worlds expensive things A smile is very cheap And when you give a smile away, You get one back to keep. Happiness comes at times to all But sadness comes unbidden And sometimes a few tears must fall Among the laughter hidden. So when friends have sadness on their face And troubles round them piled The world will seem a better place And all because you smiled. by Alexandra Skiathitis

If you teach young learners, why don't you sing a SMILING SONG together:

My students and I will create HAPPY bookmarks which we will give to someone we don't know. Exciting!

If you want to create your own bookmarks, check out this video:

Lots of smiles from me

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