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It's a kind of magic

Hi folks,

It's a rainy morning here in beautiful Folkestone, Kent. I got up early to have a refreshing walk in the park nearby. While enjoying the beautiful views of the Northern Downs, my eyes spotted something unusual - a dancing leaf- free and unaware of the spitting rain. "It's a kind of magic", I started humming the refrain from the popular Queen's song.

Leaves are falling down in autumn...

and so are our prices.

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"Explore English with Russie" is a bimonthly e-magazine, designed to complement and enhance your English language skills. It will help you to explore and unlock the secrets of one of the richest languages in the world and improve it in an educational and fun way. It is also successfully used by English teachers who love the materials I design and it saves them a lot of preparation time. The magazine was inspired by my love for teaching English .

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Finally, I would like to announce that my first FREE Picture e-Dictionary is out. It consists of 10 HAPPY Idioms.

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From Russie with love,

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