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Eco-friendly Sticky Notes

Today's post has been inspired by Cemal Altinok , an English teacher from Turkey. A week ago he contacted me with the request to do a skype lesson with his students. He sent me a couple of photos to show what his pupils were studying at that time.

As the picture below illustrates, they were practising WORD ORDER using post-it notes.

Of course, I have used post-it notes before but I wanted to introduce them into my virtual English classroom.


Luckily it didn't take me a long time to find software which I can use on my PC and create lovely Post-it notes. I came across StickyPad and fell in love with it immediately because:

- I can edit the notes: I can change their colour, the size and shape of the font

- Time and date could be added

- I can email them straight away

- They could be easily printed out

- The software is free of charge

- The less paper used in class, the fewer trees are cut down

How can we use Post-it notes in class?

- To practise Word Order

- To create a storyboard

- To identify objects in the classroom ( a picture on your screen)

- To practise Word Formation

- Word Jumbles- to practise spelling

- To match a word and its definition

- To illustrate word/sentence stress

- To brainstorm ideas

What is your favourite way to use Post-it notes?

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From Russie with love

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