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In this edition of TEACHERS TALK, my guest is Cemal Altınok. Cemal is an English teacher in a private school in Turkey. He received the second prize in the summer competition WHEN WE SHARE.

Hi Cemal. Thank you for being my third guest on TEACHERS TALK. You won the second prize in my summer competition WHEN WE SHARE. What do you teach your students to share?

Although I have classes from primary school to his school, I have lessons with mostly 5 graders. Instead of teaching them to share, I teach them how to share and share the deep well of inner love that they have, since sharing love is the key for success in life.

Games are often used in the Language classroom. Do you have a favourite one that you usually play with your students?

Games are inseparable part of language teaching, especially when you teach English to young learners. I try to use a combination of games and music in my classes. While games help me take their attention and let me burn their energy out, music helps me tune the class, it helps me wake my students up in the morning and mute the class when they are noisy. TPR, Total Physical Response, although not a modern language method, helps me a lot for warm ups such as mime-role plays and a stroll around the class.

How do you manage the behaviour of bad students in the classroom?

The behaviour of children depends on the teacher in class. The teaching style of the teacher leads to either bad behaviour or good behaviour. The point that leads to unexpected bad behaviours starts at the first lesson and day of school and what is unexpected bad behaviour turns into expected bad behaviour soon.

What is the most useful teaching tip that you would like to share with our fellow teachers?

I think it is student-student interaction in class, where teacher is just a guide. We, as foreign language teachers, must pay much more attention to developing students' speaking skills, as language is for communication.

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