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January Kindness Calendar

Happy New Year, everybody!

It's New Year's Day and my blessings go out to all of you. 2016 has been a rather challenging year for me but I am grateful for every lesson that I learnt and continue to.

Now at the beginning of 2017 I look at the world and life with new eyes and want to thank all the wonderful people that I welcomed into my life last year. One of them is Helen Green, a lovely lady from England, who I introduced to you at the end of November. What Helen became famous for was the KINDNESS ADVENT CALENDAR she had designed.

Deeply touched by the kindness ripple effect that the calendar had created, Helen has decided to design a Kindness Calendar for every month this year.

Here's Helen's January Kindness Calendar:

You can download your own pdf version of the January Kindness Calendar from Helen's website.

Let's spread some KINDNESS in our classrooms!

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