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It’s the first few days of the new year, so we think about our goals again. As I list my resolutions for 2017, I remind myself that my focus creates. And that as I change my thoughts and emotions, my life will change, too. I am often reminded that the only day that matters is TODAY. So being kind, inspiring and loving is something I truly believe in and this is what I am teaching my students.

This issue comes with two lesson plans. One of them is based around a short video which is called “Lily and the snowman”. The video ends with the motto “Make time for the things you love”. So do you find enough time for the people you love and the things you enjoy?

One of the missions of the e-magazine is to introduce inspirational people to you. Issue 33 has a special interview with Julie Pratten, the creator of Heart ELT. Julie shares with us what motivated her to set up this non-profit organisation and what obstacles volunteer teachers are challenged with. You can also read about one of her latest projects “A-Z of Hope”.

In this issue you will also find:

- Lesson Plan- How to create a master plan for your life

- Story time- Bullied to a better life

- Easy English- Frank and Russie's Little Big Adventures- Chapter 3

- Discussion time- What can affect our morning mood?

-Kids' corner- Jimmy the squirrel meets Polly the pixie

-Everyday English- Saying "Thank you"

- Fun with English

Take a peek of the issue here:

From Russie with love,


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