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What do you love about teaching English?

Hi everybody,

Today I am pondering on the question:

I have been an ESOL teacher for 17 years and I have to admit these have been the happiest years of my life. But let me answer the question:

* Firstly I have to say that I absolutely adore my job and my students are my life. Working as an English teacher in three countries and also online, I have been blessed to teach students from so many countries- Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, China, Saudi Arabia, Japan to name but a few. Not only did I help them fall in love with English, but they also taught me about their culture and customs.

* Some of my best moments have been to see my students grow and become confident English speakers. Not to mention the numerous times when they would call me at night to say :

"Teacher, I've passed the exam!"

* I learnt that a teacher should be a supportive and inspiring role model by all means. I laugh with my students , get nervous about their exam results, encourage them when it is hard and praise them for their success.

* During my career I have had the chance to work with some exceptional teachers, especially on Comenius projects. The feeling to work with colleagues, driven by the same desire to inspire, is incredible.

* I learned that I can feel at home not only in my own country. Polish people seem to be the most hospitable nation I've ever met.

* My students showed me that I am more than a teacher. Their words of appreciation and respect inspired me to create my e-zine INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH.

* Teaching brings lots of fun into my daily life. Come on, who doesn't like playing games?

" Students, I suspect most teachers play games in class so that they can have some fun too!" :) :) :)

* Who said that we only have to read and write in class?

* Being a child of the 1970s I saw how the foreign language classroom has transformed throughout the years. Nowadays it is unthinkable to teach a lesson without using technology and let's admit it " We love it".

* Teaching has boosted my confidence and help me grow as a person. I am not that person who used to hide behind a column when I had to present in front of many people.

* I've also learned that if I ever get tired of teaching ( I doubt it!), I could easily become a voice-over artist. No, I am not kidding. Do you know how many times I had to be a "male" character or an animal to tell a story in my one-to-one lessons. :)

* Last but not least I want to thank all my ex-colleagues for their respect and appreciation.

However, what really melts my heart is my students' LOVE.

No award can be compared with the words:

"Thank you, teacher, because of you I can ...!"

I am working on the February issue of INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH, which will be dedicated to different aspects of LOVE. I would like to hear from you, dear teachers, and tell me what you love about teaching English. Please, send your short replies ( max 40 words) by the end of the week ( 29th Jan) to and your answers will be posted in the new issue of INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH.

Don't miss it:

Two of you will receive the February edition FREE of charge.

From Russie with love,

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