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Hi everyone,

Today I want to introduce to you Mario Sampilo, who is a Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines. He shares with us what he loves about teaching English and also how he encourages his students to read.

Take it away, Mario.

When I was young, I never wanted to be a teacher. I thought it was the most difficult and least paid job in the world. But after all of strong refusals, yet I turned out to be a Teacher of English.

Do I have some regrets? Definitely, No. There’s a lot I love being a Teacher. It started as part of my life till it became MY LIFE. I really love to see my students learning English because it is not their success alone, but mine as well.

Teaching English gives me the chance to speak in different community programs. Recently, I got a chance to be invited to give Communication Skills training for the Candidates for the Search for Mr. & Ms. Sablayan in my town. It was really fun.

One of my greatest moments as an English teacher is to see my students speaking English in class confidently.

Teaching English makes us laugh in class when reading some interesting and funny stories. It really inspires me seeing my students apply everything they have learned from my class.

However, I realized that being an English teacher is not only about teaching or imparting knowledge to my students; it’s also about setting model to them, inspiring them, encouraging them to do their best, telling them they can even if situations seem to disagree.

In a place where internet connection is elusive for my learners, it’s somehow difficult for them to be globally aware, which hinders them from joining actively our class discussions every day. The condition caught my attention and made me realized that I have to do something. This moved me to create an advocacy program for reading literacy for my students: Read for Global.

What is Read for Global Project?

Read For Global (Global Literacy on Becoming Achiever Learner) is a school reading program of San Vicente Nat’l High School in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines initiated by me (Mario Sampilo) which came out of my passion for teaching English. It all started when I noticed that many of my learners were having difficulty joining the class discussion on current and social issues; that’s because of lack of knowledge about the subject being discussed.

Basically, this program aims to improve Grade 11 (SHS) academic performance by developing students’ critical thinking & reading skills which includes reading ability with fluency and accuracy; global awareness on various issues [Health, Technology, Political, and Social; students’ English vocabulary; reading comprehension skills and most importantly, the communicative competence of the students.

Who are the teachers?

One of the interesting things about this program is about the teachers who handle the reading class. Teachers for this Read For Global are volunteers from different schools, and individuals. I invited them, asked them if they were willing to volunteer, and they responded. Some of them travel long distances just to join this advocacy program. My students are always motivated & excited to meet their reading teacher every Friday.

Amazingly, through this program I realized that the spirit of volunteerism remains alive these days. People started to contact me on Facebook telling me they want to volunteer 1-3 Hour to teach our students.

How does it get funded?

Our school does not have fund for this program. When some of my friends learned about this advocacy program, some of them supported it voluntarily. One of them donated 1 printer for the printing of reading materials. Two of my students online from Croatia & Slovakia supported this program as well. My friends from US and Germany did either.

Amazingly, through this program I realized that the spirit of volunteerism remains alive these days. People started to contact me on Facebook telling me they want to volunteer 1-3 Hour to teach our students. Out of love, people are willing to volunteer, willing to help to make my students’ better readers; and that changes their lives. And remember, when we change our students’ lives; we actually change the world.

If anyone would like to be part of this advocacy program, please reach us through our FacebookPage:

Thank you, Mario

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