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Spring into HAPPINESS with the March issue of "Inspirational English"

Hi everyone,

This month we are exploring the theme of HAPPINESS. I wonder what triggers send your mood sky high. Here’s my HAPPINESS list:

• When I do or see a random act of kindness

• Quality time with my family

• When I travel and meet new people

• Knitting- my latest passion

• When a student has had an “AHA” moment

• My favourite Zumba class

Dr Wayne Dyer said:

“Happiness is not something that you get in life. Happiness is something that you bring to life.”

So what have you done today to make yourself or other people happy?

The new issue brings to you:

  • An interview with Shamash Alidina, one of the founders of the Museum of Happiness.

  • How you can join the IATEFL Conference

in Glasgow in April

  • We will find out what excites Cristina Cabal, an ESL teacher from Spain

  • Philosophy: The acrobatics for gaining wellbeing

  • 5 lesson plans

  • A special ELT retreat in Turkey

  • How can we make Moodzie happy?- Life learning apps

  • A new competition

  • Easy English- Frank and Russie's Little Big Adventures

  • Fun with English

  • Kids' corner

and a lot more

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