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Inspirational English, April 2017 is out!

Hi everyone,

Now when Mother Nature is waking up from its long winter slumber, she brings with her a renewed sense of rebirth into this beautiful world. In this month’s issue we are talking about HOPE.

These days more than ever I feel hopeful about the future because I can see a lot of positive changes coming into place. There are more youth organisations that aim to empower people and communities to build the World we all want to live in. In addition, I meet many inspiring teachers who want to collaborate and bring Positivity into the classroom.

What also makes me feel optimistic is when I see random acts of kindness. Let me give you an example. For the Chinese New Year children are given red envelopes with “lucky” money. They could spend it on favourite toys or new clothes. However, one of my students has donated her money to the poor children, living in the mountains in China, for the second year in a row. That’s a benevolent act, isn’t it?

Some of the highlights in the new issue are:

- Kids Unite 4 Hope- an interview with Kaitlin Murray

- Highway to Hope - an article by Daniella De Winter

- Camp Golden Gate- an intersting opportunity for students to collaborate and have fun

- Nominate a Hero

- Lesson plans on the topic of Hope

- Animals, Hope and a Magic Way to Improve your Learners' English- by Linda Ruas

- Choose Hope- by Julie Pratten

- The Heart ELT Teacher Award

- Easy English- Frank and Russie's Little Big Adventures - Chapter 6

- Kids' corner

and a lot more

You can find the April issue here.

Enjoy reading it!

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