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And in May "Inspirational English" asks you...

Hi everyone,

After claiming that the e-zine Inspirational English is truly inspirational, I think, it's high time we dedicated not one but a whole two issues to the topic of INSPIRATION. I have lined up some interesting interviews and lesson plans for you, inspiring teachers.

This time I am asking about the person who has inspired you the most and how. Was this one of your teachers, your mum or someone you met in the street, who suddenly ignited an inner excitement? Share your story and it could be published in the May issue of the e-zine.

As far as I am concerned, the person who has inspired me the most is Dr Tererai Trent, who wrote her dreams on a piece of tin when she was little in her home country of Zimbabwe and worked hard to make them come true. Her motivational story will be featured in one of the lesson plans in the May issue of Inspirational English.

In case you have missed to read the April issue, you can find it here.

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