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Inspirational English, May 2017

Hi everyone,

The May issue of the e-zine Inspirational English is out. As previously announced the May and June issues will be dedicated to the theme of INSPIRATION.

A few days ago I attended a Masterclass with Robin Sharma in which he said that there are many people who die at the age of 20 but are buried at 90. Sadly, it is true. That’s why I have always taught my students that they should live their lives with passion and inspiration.

But how do we know that we are inspired? It could be that book, a film, a song or a random act of kindness that touches you emotionally and then… you simply know at your core that your life has shifted.

This month Inspirational English asks you about the person who has inspired you the most. Thank you for sharing your stories. As far as I am concerned, the person who has inspired me the most is Dr Tererai Trent, who wrote her dreams on a piece of tin when she was little in her home country of Zimbabwe and worked hard to make them come true. Her motivational story is featured in the Lesson plan “It is achievable” on page 19.

In the new issue you'll also find:

* How we inspire our students * How positive thoughts and beautiful images transform classrooms * Inspiring lesson plans * The new chapter of "Frank and Russie's Little BIG adventures"

* Kids' corner and a lot more

You can view the issue online here:

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Happy teaching!

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