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In June "Inspirational English" asks you...

Hi everyone,

As you may well know the June issue of the e-zine will still explore the topic of INSPIRATION. Have you been inspired recently or maybe you've been somebody's inspiration?

I spent the first half of the month with my family back in my home country and the whole journey was relaxing, recharging and inspiring. Travelling by car all across Europe made me realise how truly blessed I am and also appreciate more the moments I spend with the people I love.

I hit a milestone last year and new experiences started occurring in my life. I had always thought that teaching was my only passion but it turned out that creating an e-zine and inspiring other people also stir my passion and bring me joy. I believe that I have definitely started the BIGGEST chapter in my story.

So that's why I would love to know:

Share your story and it could be published in the June issue of the e-zine.

In case you have missed to read the May issue, you can find it here.

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