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Inspirational English, June 2017 is out

Hi everyone,

I am one of those people who are fond of watching films with a positive message and a happy ending so when my fiancé told me that he would like us to go to the cinema last Saturday to see “Wonder Woman” my initial reaction was “NO way!”. However, after watching the trailer I was convinced that it could be a great adventure. And so it was! At the end of the film I was feeling truly empowered by the omnipotent strength of women and the message that “LOVE will save the world”.

Feeling hopeful about the future I hit the hay …only to wake up to the news about the latest terrorist attack in London. Reading the appalling breaking news in dismay, I could not help recalling Wonder Woman’s words that we need LOVE. This reassured me once again that “Inspirational English” is an essential tool for every teacher who wants to raise compassionate, loving and positive students.

The June issue of the e-zine brings to you these amazing features:

- Videos and Images in Class- an interview with Magdalena Wasilewska, an ESL teacher from Poland

- Work Together- an interview with Seydou Obama from Senegal

- 10 end-of-year activities by Maria Theologidou

- How does it feel to be inspired- by Peter Taylor

- Everything I have - a lesson plan

- Spring into Summer- summer activities

- Frank and Russie’s Little Big Adventures- chapter 8

- Kids’ corner

- Fun with English

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