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Treat yourself to a 4-day ELT Retreat in the Turkish Mediterranean

Hi all,

Are you enjoying the summer holiday? I know some of you are looking for new inspirations so

I may have the right suggestion for you.

If you are committed to excellence, exploring new ways of doing things and meeting like-minded teachers, then this ELT writer's retreat could be the right holiday for you.

What can you expect?

* Collaborating and creating materials while chilling out;

* Workshops with Dr Kamile Hamiloglu on how to incorporate critical thinking in your materials writing process;

* Getting some valuable CPD while relaxing in the Turkish Mediterranean;

* How poetry could be used in the classroom to combine writing and speaking skills

* Exploring ways to nurture your own unique style

* Morning yoga sessions

* A boat trip on day 3

and a lot more...


24-28th August


Antalya, Turkey

By the end of this special retreat, you will have learnt how to initiate your own dream project or started a joint project with your group.

You can check the prices and reserve your place here.

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Tip: Maybe you can convince your school to send you?

You deserve it!

Image credit: Heart ELT

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