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Inspirational English, Issue 40 is OUT!

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Two years ago I was working at EF International in Eastbourne, where I was privileged to teach students from all over the world. I will never forget one of them, a lovely 17-year-old girl from Kazakhstan, who was feeling quite insecure and had very low self-esteem. Fortunately, during the three-month period I was her English teacher I was able to see her blossom and turn into a more confident teenager. When leaving, she asked me to write something on a T-shirt. Of course, I knew straight away what I should put down, something that I teach my students all the time and what permeates every lesson of mine.

Never forget that you are unique!

When the girl saw the statement, she hugged me and with tears in her eyes expressed her gratitude. Every fibre in my body told me that she was ready to start a NEW PAGE in her life and I had helped her to embark on this journey.

How do you encourage your students to explore their authenticity

and help them turn a new page?

If you are looking for some inspiration, the new issue of the e-zine INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH gives you lots of ideas.

It includes these great features:

* My top 10 “Welcome back to school” activities

* The Black dot- Lesson plan

* Shine your light- Lesson plan

* Dance like no one is watching- an article by Peter Taylor

* Teachers talk- an interview with Ezzeddine Cherni, an ESL teacher from Tunisia

* There’s only ONE you

* Grasshopperboy- chapters 3-5

* Frank and Russie’s Little Big Adventures- chapter 10

* And a lot more

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Have an inspiring

New School Year!

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