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Halloween riddles


Are you ready to celebrate Halloween? There was a Zombie walk in Folkestone yesterday and despite not being as spectacular as previous years, it still spooked me out.

Today I've got for you 5 Halloween riddles, which will definitely spice up your Halloween class.

Download the pdf here.

Meanwhile, did you guess the answer to today's Halloween riddle?

What do you call a skeleton who won't work?

And the answer is: Lazy bones

In case, you've missed my Halloween lesson plan, you can get it here.

Finally, the new issue of the e-zine INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH will be out on 3rd November.

Here's some of the amazing features that I've lined up for you:

- Creativity: Is everyone capable of everything?

- An interview which tells you about an Art Centre, where educators believe that each child is born AN ANGEL.

- Healing the world- an international school project

- How a teacher changed her language and approach to conflict with children after reading a book.

- Try everything- an inspirational lesson plan

- lots of creative ideas

- a special Christmas supplement

and a lot more

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