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Inspirational English, Issue 41 is out!

Dear reader,

About two years ago one of my closest friends and I were exploring the nook and crannies of a quirky bookshop in Canterbury, when he turned to me and said “Have you heard about Edward de Bono?” He was holding a book, called “How to have creative ideas” which was offering 62 exercises to develop your mind. Silently I shook my head and shortly my friend said “This is my special gift to you”. Never did I suspect that this very book was going to change my life…

In hindsight I have always questioned my creative confidence but after doing most of the exercises in the aforementioned book, my head was bursting with ideas about new lesson plans and starting an educational blog. Soon after that the newsletter “Explore English with Russie” was born, which eventually transformed into “Inspirational English”, the e-zine I have become so very proud of.

Edward de Bono says:

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

Frankly, I agree with him and believe that we could all dabble in creativity and own it. We are constantly creating our lives so welcome mindfulness into your daily routines and boldly step into your creative mojo.

The new issue of the e-zine offers a lot of creative ideas to use with your students and your daily life.

View Issue 41 online here

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Enjoy reading it!

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