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Kindness Advent Calendar- Free Template

Inspired by Helen Green's Kindness Advent Calendar, my students and I decided to create our own and I was really thrilled by their great ideas. What do you think?

We had so much fun creating the calendar and filling it in with Acts of Random Kindness that I decided to design a FREE template so that you and your students have the chance to make your own Kindness Advent Calendar.

Download the FREE template here

You may have noticed that one of the acts of Random Kindness my students and I have planned is to become someone's Secret Santa. So if you can think of anyone who needs cheering up this Yule, why don't you create some fun with the kids and surprise them? Perhaps you know a retired teacher who is lonely or you could prepare something nice for the homeless people in your community.

So slip into the BIG RED SUIT this year and

become someone’s Secret Santa. Take a photo in the act of surprising somebody and send it in to us.

Send your Secret Santa pictures to by 23rd December and the best 3 entries will be published in the January issue of the e-zine. "Inspirational English".

Finally, if you have missed out on the chance to read the last issue of the e-zine, you could do it here:

View online


Get the pdf version of the e-zine here

Happy holidays,


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