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Inspirational English, Issue 42 is out!

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Dear reader,

AT THE BEGINNING of the New Year most people set their goals and so do I. It is believed that our current life is a mirror of our past thoughts and actions so I am trying to live more mindfully and joyfully every day. Never before has the question of living a life of PURPOSE fascinated me so much and that’s why I’ve set up the following rules to live by:

* to continue to inspire my students and teachers all over the world

* to believe in myself

* to be mindful and present with every breath I take

* to do the things that stir my soul

* to follow my dreams because I believe that’s what my soul wants to experience

* to love myself unconditionally so that I can give more love to the people around me

* to challenge myself in order to unlock the power of my highest potential

* to be truly authentic

Dr. Brene Brown says:

“Authenticity is a practice - a conscious choice of how

we want to live.”

SO I CHOOSE to fill my life with love, light and joy and these are the footprints I want to leave in the hearts of the people whose life I have touched.

If you want to help your students to explore their authenticity, then the new issue of the e-zine "Inspirational English" will give you plenty of ideas. It comes bigger and better than ever and includes the following great features:

* 4 Positive lesson plans * Authenticity- be true to yourself * Josie Whitehead- an award-winning British poet * Healing the world-international school project * 5 ways to share your passion for learning * Frank and Russie's Little Big Adventure- Chapter 12 * Fun with English * A special suppplement on NEW BEGINNINGS and lots more

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Happy New Year,

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