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Inspirational English, Issue 43 is OUT!

Dear reader,

The new Issue of the e-zine Inspirational English is out. It explores the theme of WELLBEING. Why have I chosen this topic?

In the last few months, more and more students and teachers have been complaining about being too stressed, overwhelmed and lacking free time. I soon realised that emotional and physical burnout was taking its toll on me too, and in order for me to love and help other people, first I need to LOVE and HELP MYSELF.

Oprah Winfrey says:

“Being well is a decision. Living well is the bonus.”

That is why I decided to make my wellbeing a priority. But how do I accomplish it?

*by being present in every moment because TAKING NOTICE makes me feel ALIVE

*by connecting with only positive and like-minded people

*by deepening my connection with myself, meditating and taking regular exercising

*by being kind and generous to myself and other people

*by learning all the time, because I need to develop as an individual, a teacher and a lightworker

On a final note, I am still on my self-empowering journey but I make sure that I enjoy every step of the way. I am aware that in order for me to “walk the walk”, I need to “talk the talk”.

How do you sustain living well?

Issue 43 includes these great features:

*2 Positive lesson plans

*Wellbeing …and its many facets

* Happiness 101- Teaching our children habits for HAPPINESS

* How can you boost your students’ wellbeing

*Josie’s poems on Health and Wellbeing

*When stress becomes burnout- by Dr. Tiffany Carr

*Silly Nomads- the stories that bring the taste of Jamaican culture

*Frank and Russie’s Little Big Adventure- Chapter 13

*Fun with English

and lots more

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