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Inspirational English, Issue 44 is out

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

It must have been just over 18 years ago when I was into my first week of teaching. That particular day I had a lesson with a class of elementary 12-year-olds and I was teaching the questions “What’s this?” and “What’s that?” Everything was going according to plan until I spotted a shy boy at the back of the classroom. So I boldly asked him to come out in front of the class and practise the questions with me. Never did I suspect what a mistake that could be. The boy obediently started repeating my questions and then responding …but this is when things went wrong. Instead of saying /wɒts/, he pronounced /wɒtʃ/. At first, I thought he could not understand me but after the whole class started laughing, I realised that the student had some speech problems. Admittedly, I panicked, the young lad was crying and there I was, standing in the middle of the class and wondering what I should do. At that particular moment, my gut feeling was telling me that I should hug and console the pupil and that is what I did. But what I also realised was that we teachers should be the ones who not only talk the talk but also walk the walk. Not only do we have to teach about compassion but also be compassionate with our students and colleagues.

Hundreds of moons have passed since that English lesson and I have had the chance to show my compassionate side many a time. But what also became my mission was to raise my students’ awareness and understanding of compassion. In order to fulfil that ongoing goal, I have used my personal story, books, and poems to name but a few.

So in the new issue of the e-zine INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH I am including a couple of lesson plans on the theme of COMPASSION as well as some useful articles and tips that you could apply in class.

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What resources do you use with your pupils to delve into the topic of compassion?

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