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Celebrating SUMMER

Updated: May 2


Are you getting ready for the summer holiday? I know that those of you, who work at public schools, are counting down the days till the school breaks up. So are the students! :)

I have designed a FREE pack of materials for kids, young learners and adults to CELEBRATE SUMMER and bring fun in class. The pack is divided into three sections and you´ll find lots of speaking activities, board games, a writing exercise for young learners and a wonderful way for older students to dip into their creative mojo.

Download the pdf file here.

What is your favourite summer activity that you do with your students? I would love to hear from you.


You can find more summer lesson plans infused with the smell of the sea, the calls of the seagulls and sunny splendour here.

"Sights and Sounds of Summer" includes three lesson plans:

1. The little butterfly 2.The prettiest pebble 3. Summer memories

Each lesson plan is based around a poem. I've created comprehension activities as well as a powerful visualisation which will wake up your students' senses. The lessons are a gentle mix of positive psychology and modern teaching.


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Happy summer,

Marusya Price

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