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Reclaim your Joy in Teaching this summer

Summer is believed to be the season when teachers tend to recharge their batteries. I find that over here in England more and more colleagues suffer from burnout and leave schools in order to seek a more peaceful career. Today, I am talking to Dr. Tiffany Carr, who seems to have found a way to bring JOY IN TEACHING.

To those of you, who are not familiar with Dr. Carr's work, she is an experienced educator from the USA, who provides speaking, professional learning and consulting services. Dr. Carr is also the founder of the website JOY IN TEACHING, where she offers motivational and practical resources to help teachers find joy in their work. The passionate blogger provides valuable tools for resilience and retention.

Dr. Carr, what has inspired you to create JOY IN TEACHING?

I founded Joy in Teaching as a direct response to the increasing demands and overwhelming roles of teachers. Throughout my 16+ years teaching in a wide variety of schools at all levels I witnessed far too many good, caring teachers become frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed – some leaving the profession altogether. I too couldn’t deny that I was experiencing some of the same feelings and began to research all things resiliency. I created Joy in Teaching to serve teachers and administrators who seek to build resilience and support teacher retention. Joy in Teaching examines what a life in education means and offers actionable and inspirational resources to pre-empt teacher burnout and address the hard issues educators face each day.

Judging by your own experience, what is the Number 1 tip you could give a teacher who’s been suffering from mental burnout?

Reconnect with your purpose.

As the school year goes on it is easy to get bogged down in the minutiae. Days go on repeat – meetings, planning, grading… Our world can shrink down to the size of a classroom and we can forget the real and inspired reasons that we are in education.

So, go back. Maybe it’s just a year, maybe 10, or 30, or more – to that moment you decided to enter the field of education. Do you remember? You didn’t just stumble into it. It took years of schooling. It took late night studying. Practicums, student teaching, job searching…. You devised a plan and you followed through. This is because you wanted to be an educator.

By going back to why you started you can connect with those initial reasons of entering the profession and leverage your past inspiration to reclaim your joy.

Take time to remind yourself of the reason you got into education. Why was it so important that you enter this profession? Chances are you had some lofty idealistic goals when you started out.

There is no reason that those same goals shouldn’t still inspire you today. The difference is now you are making those goals happen.

About two months ago your book JOY IN TEACHING was published. Would you tell us more about it, please?

Joy in Teaching provides a research-based framework of action. The book, written for educators at all stages, clearly lays out methods and tools to boost teacher resilience, reduce job-related stress, and support career retention in schools.

Joy in Teaching is a book to inspire reflection and to motivate action. This is a book for educators who see the need for a new approach to teaching for their students and themselves. It is for all those who want to know they are not alone when the profession they have dedicated their lives to begins to lose its joy. It is a beacon of light amidst the turbulent turmoil of a profession in which statistics prove has the ability to devour.

The book also has a companion Workbook which complements it nicely. How can teachers use it successfully to combat daily pressure and achieve joy in teaching?

The Definitive Joy in Teaching Workbook guides educators through the book Joy in Teaching and provides discussion prompts, conversation extenders, and fillable resources. Perfect for book studies and professional development

Together, the book and workbook create a meaningful departure from the impersonal approach of professional development and offer refuge for educators seeking to nurture their well-being and reclaim their joy in teaching.

Finally Tiffany, how can teachers get the book and the workbook?

The book Joy in Teaching: A Research-Based Framework of Action for Educators and the workbook The Definitive Joy in Teaching Workbook: A Workbook and Guide to Facilitate an Examination into a Life in Education by Dr. Tiffany A. Carr are both available on and you can read more about them and find links to them on

Also, for schools and districts who are interested in purchasing books in larger quantities for their staff there is special pricing available by contacting School purchase orders are accepted.

Thank you, Dr. Carr.

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