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Updated: May 2

Have you ever started to read something and then realised that you can't remember what you'd read? Or maybe you were watching your favourite TV series and found out that you missed what the main character said because you were buried in your thoughts. Yes, I know we have all been there and sadly it happens to our students too. It seems that everyday tasks and pressure deprive us from "being in the moment" or as it is also known "being MINDFUL".

I often see how much my students are stressed out because of coming exams or peer/parents pressure so I tend to kindly encourage them to "switch off" from distractions and bring their conscious attention to what they are doing.

Why is MINDFULNESS beneficial? Because it helps us combat stress and depression. It enables people to sleep better and most importantly, it makes us aware of the present moment. THE ONLY MOMENT WE HAVE.


Here are some activities and techniques that I have used with my students and have seen good results.

First, let Mindful Ozzy explain what MINDFULNESS is:


For older students, you could use this video:




Explore "still quiet place" with this exercise:


Incorporate MEDITATION in your classes.

More and more teachers report that they have seen some great results after using MEDITATION regularly:


Encourage conscious BREATHING.

Purchase the meditation here


Take time to "rain pause"

Spend a couple of minutes during your lesson and ask your students to jot down what they can hear, see, smell and feel. Point out that they should try to ignore their thoughts and be aware of their senses only.


And my favourite technique is... VISUALISATION

You can find the lesson plan this visualisation comes from here.

Hope the activities, I've shared, are useful for both you and your students provided they are incorporated successfully in your daily practice.


In my book"101 Activities to teach English mindfully" I share some of my students' favourite activities which help them stay focused, present and calm.

Find more about the book here

Wishing you a mindful week,

Marusya Price

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