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Inspirational English, Issue 46 is OUT!

Being an EFL teacher for almost twenty years has had a huge impact on my teaching methods as well as my personal growth. I may not have had the chance to travel around the world but through my lessons I have been in an Eskimo’s igloo, celebrated the Moon festival in China and even explored darkest Peru. I have been blessed to teach students, who come from five different continents, and learn that:

* Sacura is not only a beautiful female Japanese name but it also means “cherry blossom”.

* despite embracing modern technology, “playing cards” is still one of the most popular free time activities in China

* it is the Three Kings, not Santa, who bring the Christmas gifts in Spain

The new issue of INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH explores the theme of CULTURAL DIVERSITY and there are plenty of ideas for you to get your teeth into. On page 20 Jeanne Bourne, an ESL teacher based in Greece, has some incredible suggestions on how to bring Culture into the classroom. Also, don’t miss the wonderful story and lesson plan THE GREEKS (page 25), kindly provided by their author Max Neil Maximchuk. With almost 70 pages, you’ll find that every culture tells a story. But what is yours?

My own story has definitely been enriched by being in a classroom with students from over ten different countries, where we shared our traditions, cuisine, folklore to name but a few. However, the most important thing that I’ve learned is that no matter where we come from, we all cry when watching an inspirational video, laugh at cracking jokes and enjoy eating delicious food. Although we do not have the same mother tongue, dance to the same rhythm or read the same books, we should celebrate life in all its colours.

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