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Kindness Advent Calendar- Free Template

Happy Thanksgiving Day

to all my American friends and colleagues!

I am one of those people who believe that gratitude should be expressed every single day from the moment we wake up till the time we hit the hay. Apart from taking the time to thank the people around us for their love and care, we should also spare a minute and think about the little things that make our days special. Yes, I know, our lives are full of miraculous gestures that usually pass unnoticed. Do you remember that shop-assistant who gave you a warm smile or the student whose eyes lit up when you praised them?

There are so many ways we can express our gratitude with and today I encourage you to remind yourself and your students how important it is to be kind, loving and compassionate.

After last year's success of my KINDNESS ADVENT CALENDAR, I've decided to create new templates for this December- one for kids and another one for teenagers. So next week I'll dedicate some of my classes to filling in the calendar and then make sure that our random acts of kindness are put into action.

Download the Kindness Advent Calendar for Kids here

Download the Kindness Advent Calendar for Teenagers here

Being kind is something that I firmly believe in and often dedicate my classes to this topic. I'm so happy to see that a lot of modern schools incorporate "kindness" activities in their curriculum. Here is an article about an American organisation and their practice, which makes me believe that I am on the right track.

Finally, to those of you who've missed the chance to read the last issue of the e-zine

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Expressing my sincere gratitude,

Marusya Price

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