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Help your students set their new goals for 2019

Here is 2019 and many people kick start the year with a brand-new set of New Year's resolutions - losing those extra 2 pounds or taking up new hobbies. Sounds familiar? When I asked my students what goals they've set for 2019, most of them came up with the following:

* I am going to get higher grades this year

* I am going to study hard so that I can get a well-paid job

Get the lesson plan GOAL- SETTING here

I know how important school is for our students but often because of "peer/parents" pressure, they tend to forget about other essential areas in their lives such as health, relationships or the community they live in. Inspired by Vishen Lakhiani's video- The Problem With Goal Setting, I have created a lesson plan which will help your students set their new goals. The lesson is appropriate for older teenagers and adults whose level is B2 +. During the lesson, the students will practise speaking, listening and writing skills and it will also provoke their creativity.

Get the lesson plan GOAL- SETTING here

The lesson plan comes in a bundle with a free VISION BOARD template which you could use with students of all ages and levels.

Get the lesson plan GOAL- SETTING here

Happy goal-setting,

Marusya Price

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