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Inspirational English, issue 47 is out!

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When was the last time you did something exhilarating, something that took your breath away because you had gone the extra mile? It seems that we tend to stay in our comfort zone despite the fact they say that all great things happen when we challenge ourselves.

In this issue the positive psychology coach Homaira Kabir offers three ways to approach new opportunities (page 13). Quite often when we have a big dilemma in front of us, the very thought of it paralyses every fibre of our body. However, Homaira says, if we replace fear with excitement, then we will be able to live our life to its fullest.

It is obvious that we, educators, should be bold in order to make our lessons fun and more meaningful. The American teacher Alice Savage shares with us why THEATRE could be the ideal group project and how beneficial drama was for her students (page 16).

If you have already taken that avenue, then why don’t you have a look at Jeanne Bourne’s tips on how we can nudge our students out of their comfort zone (page 25)? I particularly like tip Number 7- “Make a Podcast or Radio Show” and this could be the next thing I will be experimenting with. But let me tell you how I challenged my students last week- we created a radio ad. Yes, we used a proper recording programme and special effects and I have to say that many voice-over artists would find our work quite professional. I do have to thank my husband though for teaching me a few tricks. Don’t worry he works in radio. J It’s always handy when somebody you know could help you add a few strings to your bow.

I am always open to implement new ways in my teaching practice so that I can grow. Because of that I am able to help my pupils spread their wings as well. How about you?

View the new issue online here

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