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It is ACHIEVABLE- Free Lesson Plan

I was finishing a lesson yesterday and as usual wished my student a wonderful evening ( it was quite late in his country) to which he replied:

"Have a lovely day, teacher, because this day will never come back!" I have to admit that wasn't the answer I was expecting but I didn't have much time to ponder on it. After the lesson, I shut down the PC quickly, changed and ran to the local sports centre for my favourite Zumba class. Now I have to tell you that I absolutely love dancing- it makes me feel free and gives me the chance to "travel" to different countries/ cultures when dancing to a hot flamenco, passionate rumba or fast cha-cha.

And there I was, shaking it off in the middle of the sports hall when a light bulb came on. I knew why my student ended the lesson with that wish. Because during the lesson I took him on a self-exploration journey. Not only did he find out what his dreams were but he also realised that they were achievable. This is when I knew that my aim had been achieved.

IT IS ACHIEVABLE is one of my favourite lesson plans that I have ever created. All my students find Dr Tererai Trent's story truly inspiring. The lesson is one of the 10 plans in my new book 10 EMPOWERING LESSON PLANS which you can find on my website now. You can download the lesson plan for FREE from my FREE PRINTABLES page until this Sunday, 28th May.

Free Printables

I really believe that my role as an educator is to touch my students’ heart and empower them. For the last six years, I have created a lot of teaching materials but what really stirs my soul is designing lesson plans which aim to empower my students. Yes, I am an English teacher but I tend to use the language to inspire my pupils to become a better version of themselves. This book comprises lessons on topics such as Mindfulness, Happiness, Authenticity, Kindness, Inspiration, Gratitude and Positivity. They are appropriate for students whose level is B1 + and are older than 14 years of age. I have used these lesson plans with all my students and have seen many positive changes in their behaviour and mindset.

Buy the book here

Truly empowered,

Marusya Price


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