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Inspirational English, Issue 49 is OUT

One of my heroes is the amazing Dr Tererai Trent, whose powerful story deeply touched my heart a couple of years ago. It inspired me to create the lesson plan “It is achievable” which students and teachers have described as pure motivation. So when her book “The awakened woman” was published, I could not wait to dip into its pool of knowledge. Not only does the author tell her incredible story of manifestation but she also shares many pearls of wisdom.

In chapter 4 Dr Trent kindly calls on our bravery to write our stories because it is liberating and informative. However, what provoked me to dedicate a whole issue to the Power of Storytelling was her claim that stories have a healing effect on us. Tererai says: “Telling our stories is an antidote to the chronic misalignment, or sickness, that we experience in a world full of silences.” The author gives numerous scientific facts which prove that by telling our story, we “turn on our body’s innate self-repair mechanisms” and also help the nervous system to relax.

I believe that every student carries a powerful story within and my role as an educator is to help him/her release it. The new issue of the e-zine INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH brings to you a great variety of lesson plans, activities and tips which enable you to unleash your students’ creativity and turn them into potent storytellers.

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