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An Autumn Walk in the Park

Updated: Apr 14

Dear inspiring teacher,

Now when it's officially autumn here in the northern hemisphere, we can plan some outdoor activities to create special memories for our students. I know you'll agree with me that students learn best while having fun and they're taken out of their usual environment. So I'd like to invite you to spend a lesson in the nearest park or the schoolyard. For the purpose of the lesson you'll need a set of cards that you can download from here or click on the image below. After downloading the vocabulary cards, decide which ones are appropriate for your students' level and cut them out before the class.

Now let's take the students out for a mindful walk. Step 1

Hand in a vocabulary card to each student and explain they have to take a walk in the park and find an object which is connected with the word from the card. Explain that the cards mustn't be shown to the other students. I suggest you set a time limit. Step 2

Once the students get back together, they have to show their object to their classmates to identify the word that describes it. If the class is too big, divide it into smaller groups.

Step 3

The students sit in a circle and they have to create an autumn story using the word from the card and the object. For example a thorny conker/dry leaf, etc

So Student A starts the story with his/her phrase. Then Student B adds another sentence with his/her words and so on. If you want to practise a particular grammar construction, such as Past tenses/ Passive voice, you will have to include this in your instructions.


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Wishing you a mindful weekend,

Marusya Price

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