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Autumnal beauty in Haiku poems

Updated: Apr 13

ESL creative activity

Hey everyone,

This will be my last post dedicated to autumn for this year. After taking my students to a forest cottage and indulging them with some incredible forest bathing, this week I challenged them with writing autumnal HAIKU poems.

This is what I did:

So first I played my visualisation AN AUTUMN WALK in order to help my students get into a creative mode and remind them of the wonderful sights and sounds that autumn brings.

Purchase the visualisation here

Then we read some examples of haiku poems about autumn here.

NB. If your students are not familiar with the structure of haiku poems, you may want to explain this to them first.

What is a HAIKU poem?

It is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Haiku poems consist of 3 lines.

1st line has 5 syllables

2nd line has 7 syllables

3rd line has 5 syllables

Finally, we tapped into our creative mojo and wrote our own HAIKU poems. Here're two of our creations:

Autumn is laughing,

waving her nice magic wand,

coming with light steps

Yellow, orange, brown

leaves have covered the cold ground

hey, autumn is here.

The visualisation AN AUTUMN WALK comes from a lesson plan that I created for my young learners a couple of months ago. You can find the lesson in the bundle SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF AUTUMN. Find more about the bundle here.


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Have an amazing weekend,

Marusya Price

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